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Aeratron AE+3 Series

Sale price$589

Aeratron AE+3 tri blade light timber white canopy MOST EFFICIENT
Aeratron AE+3 Series Sale price$589
Blades Tri-Blade (3)
Size 43 50 60
Airflow Low/High Speed (CFM) 1485/4447 2038/6255 2954/8146
Efficiency (CFM/WATT) 314 331 392
Fan Height < 11 inches < 11 inches < 11 inches
RPM (Mix/Max) 61/181 60/180 56/152
Energy Consumption (Wattage) Low/High Speed 2.7W/13.5W 2.8W/19.3W 3.0W/22.2W
BOX DIMENSIONS (INCHES) 24.5 x 16.5 x 15 * *
NET WEIGHT (POUNDS) 12.1 12.6 14.3
ENERGY STAR Most Efficient 2024 Most Efficient 2024 Most Efficient 2024

Customer Reviews

Based on 46 reviews
Silent and efficient and good looking

Our 43” fan is cooling our home office. The only really challenging part of putting this up ourselves is lining up the tiny pins of the optional LED light with the equally tiny holes in the mounted fan. Line yourself up with the axis of the pins and the holes and hold your breath just right, and eventually they will settle into place. You may have had to straighten the pins back up after a couple failed attempts.

Jim McEvoy
THE BEST FAN on this sweet earth

We searched low and high for a fan that didn't look ugly but also provided excellent circulation. Our Aeratron fan delivered BIG TIME people. It looks fantastic and stylish. We got the one with a light and the air circulation is perfection - feels like baby clouds ;). Customer service answered all our questions quickly and thoroughly. Get this fan, you will not be sorry.

We loved it so much we're planning on getting another one for our son.

Bravo Aeratron.

Best fan I could find for my use case

I've been looking for quite some time for a fan that meets my needs.
10'x10' room being used as an office. 8' ceilings. I take several web meetings from this office and have a ton of computer and AV equipment set up. So I needed something that would help keep things cool in the upstairs office while also being super quiet and low profile.

I got the 43" AE+3 fan.

I couldn't be more happy. The fan pushes a surprising amount of air. Even more so when you consider its size and just how whisper quiet it is. I have tried several different fans in the house in other rooms and I've always had to sacrifice something to get the desired results. They either cooled well, but were loud or hung too far from the ceiling. Or, they were quiet and out of the way, but wouldn't push enough air.

If there is a better fan that is quiet, powerful, and low profile (not to mention looks great), I'm not aware. Great and responsive customer service, too.

Wilkins Electric LLC.
Satisfaction Guaranteed

Aeratron ~ You have another satisfied customer - They love the quiet and cool fan in our warmest week of this summer 2023!

This is one beautiful fan!!!

Because I run hot when I sleep, I always have a ceiling fan in my bedroom. And, I run it 24/7 to keep circulating air. I've replaced the fan in the bedroom fan three times in our San Francisco apartment: The first was older/dated and out of proportion to the room. I found the second one on Wayfair and broke down after a couple of months. The third time is a charm, right?? It certainly is!!

It's been nearly a year since I bought this fan so now I feel it's time to give it an honest review. I seriously love this fan!! I was attracted by the sleek, curvy design and that it would be quieter than anything I have ever owned. Having the ability to change the direction of the fan is a bonus. This fan has not let me down and I am so glad I found it. I like it so much, I am going to replace the bedroom fan in our Miami apartment with an Aeratron as well.

I had to reach out to Aeratron support a couple of times. Their support is top-notch. Scott is incredibly responsive and extremely helpful.

The Aeratron fan is a great product and coupled with attentive support, I am happy to have invested in this purchase!!

Make A Statement Without Making A Sound


We’re x6 quieter than conventional ceiling fans – and more than15 decibels quieterthan our closest competitor. We’re disrupting the market, not your concentration. Our patented Swiss-engineered self-balancing system keeps the blades in a steady, aerodynamic equilibrium, preventing the noisy wobbling of typical ceiling fans.

*perceived noise compared to conventional ceiling fans, against the AE+3 model on medium speed

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Save on summer cooling and winter heating. Maximize the efficiency of your heating system by circulating warmer air from the ceiling back down into the room with our winter function. Then enjoy the same savings in summer as our signature two and three-dimensional airfoil fan blades draw hot air away so you can switch the AC off sooner – or leave it off altogether.