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Aeratron FQ Series

Sale price$489

Aeratron FQ3 tri blade light timber white canopy
Aeratron FQ Series Sale price$489
Blades Tri-Blade (3)
Size 43 50
Airflow Low/High Speed (CFM) 1111/3290 1483/4521
Efficiency (CFM/WATT) 266 265
Fan Height < 11 inches < 11 inches
RPM (Mix/Max) 61/181 60/180
Energy Consumption (Wattage) Low/High Speed 2.5W/11.3W 2.6W/17.1W
BOX DIMENSIONS (INCHES) 25.2 x 14.5 x 12 *
ENERGY STAR Most Efficient 2024 Energy Star

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Over price fan with moderate air circulation

I have other series fans from Aeratron and thinking this series will be equally good, but afraid that it is not. The amount I have paid for this FQ series fans is way more than actual performance. It has a very poor air circulation with 12x12 size room and you hardly feel air if you are not standing underneith the fan. I have purchased 2 and returning one as one is already installed. I would not recommend to buy this series.

Lisa Sherman
Nice look & Quiet yet, does not cool well

Just had fan and light installed July 5th. I had my old fan for 28 years and it was great- only got noisier last couple years.
I thought this model was pretty, and had electrician install it in the same place, foot of the bed, center of room. It's very quiet, which is good. Disappointed that at level 6 it does not circulate or cool well. I had to put in a different wall switch and of course, the electrician was expensive. PS, If you don't enjoy a glaring light in your face, get a lower wattage in light kit (thats wasn't offered or suggested) The electrician put it on the dimmest level and still to glaring-certainly not romantic. .

Diane G
The Feng Shui challenge of the ceiling fan - Solved by Aeratron

Aeratron has come up with an innovative and elegant solution to a feng shui challenge- the ceiling fan. Most ceiling fans are a highly undesirable shape. Having a blade of a fan point towards our head is inauspicious and can create a subtle anxiety in the room. Aeratron's blades all have an upward lift, away from the head and the shape has soft lines.
It takes its inspiration from the wings and flight of the frigatebird, which is so in tune with the wind that it can soar uninterrupted for weeks and feeds from the bounty of the water. It is in harmony with wind and water, which is the goal of Feng Shui.

A modern home can have air circulation, and the energy conservation benefits that a ceiling fan can provide with the design innovations of Aeratron fans. I endorse their healing design for my clients and you as well. A great design.
Diane Gioioso
Nine Stars Healing Design

Attractive, whisper quiet

I’m very impressed with the quality and performance of the fan as well as the customer service provided during the purchase. The fan itself is soundless and moves the air so effectively, the lower settings of this fan out perform the high settings of the comparatively priced fans in the other rooms of my home.

Make A Statement Without Making A Sound


We’re x6 quieter than conventional ceiling fans – and more than15 decibels quieterthan our closest competitor. We’re disrupting the market, not your concentration. Our patented Swiss-engineered self-balancing system keeps the blades in a steady, aerodynamic equilibrium, preventing the noisy wobbling of typical ceiling fans.

*perceived noise compared to conventional ceiling fans, against the AE+3 model on medium speed

Save Up to


Save on summer cooling and winter heating. Maximize the efficiency of your heating system by circulating warmer air from the ceiling back down into the room with our winter function. Then enjoy the same savings in summer as our signature two and three-dimensional airfoil fan blades draw hot air away so you can switch the AC off sooner – or leave it off altogether.